Melania Reveals You Won’t See Her At The White House… THIS Is Her Full-Time Job

Source Credit: How Stuff Works

We all love superheroes. Or at least the idea of them. Just when it looks like the situation is hopeless, they swoop in and save the day. America’s newest superheroes are not comic book characters — however, they are the real, and they are ready to fight for what’s right.

They are smart, sassy, and determined to bring style and class back to the White House. America hasn’t had good superhero protection in a long time, but finally a dynamic duo is on the way. 

In the DC Universe, the good guys always win. In real life, it doesn’t always seem that way — let’s face it, the past eight years have looked pretty bleak. Of course, comics often mimic real situations, where things look darkest before the dawn.

But just like good ultimately overcomes evil in books and movies, we can see streaks of sunlight stretching over the dawn of the USA. Our dynamic duo is coming to our rescue. But who are they? Let’s unmask their identity.

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