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Trumpocrats Break Ties For Liberals To Back Donald Trump… Here’s Whose Leaving

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-30

Recently in New York, the Trumpocrats came together in support of Trump.

The Trumpocrats consist of a large group of Democrats who see the errors in Hillary’s ways and refuse to support her in her run for the presidency.

Christian Rickers Executive leader of the Virginia based Trumpocrats has been a longtime proud Democrat but is urging Democrats everywhere to sincerely consider voting Trump for the sake of the country’s economic growth and stability. ct-donald-trump-surges-and-democrats-cheer-20150701

The Trumpocrats are officially burning their bridges with the current Democratic Party because of Hillary’s disgusting ways. Until the party is reset back the ways of the founding fathers of this country and the constitution is respected, the Trumpocrats will show support for Trump.

Democrats should be in horror at the thought of Hillary winning the election. Hillary will further the demise of this country and what it stands for, she’s shown her true colors and they’re as dark as dark can be.


According to Rickers, Clinton is the cause of a lot of the unemployment problems the country is facing. Rickers states that the problems seen within businesses being unable to stay in operation in recent years is due to the impact the Clinton’s decision have had on this country.

Rickers also says,

as crazy as Trump is, he really cares about this country and wants to do something about what is happening.

He truly has the best at heart for the American people and will clearly put them first ahead of any foreign aid or diplomacy. Trump seeks to protect our taxes, and institute better trade policies in order to protect the country. He’s not here to make friends, please people or accept handouts. Trump is here to rebuild the American country and more importantly the American way.

David Saunders, another lifelong Democrat, agrees that the Democratic party has lost its way. They no longer practice with the fairness and social justice that the Jacksonian Democracy based their principles on. The founding fathers are most likely turning in their graves at the very thought of Hillary taking office. She continually shows that nearly everyone else will come before the American people, especially for the right price.

If Clinton wins, the gap between the rich and poor will get bigger. The unemployment rate will rise, and Taxes will grow. The Health care system will continue to fail and this county will likely see some type of financial and possibly, social collapse. Clinton simply refuses to focus on the issues that matter for the middle class of America. Rickers and Saunders both call for his Democratic brother and sisters across America to follow in their footsteps and vote Trump for President 2016.

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