Trump Will Become First President Since Reagan To Address NRA


Trump Commends National Rifle Association

Trump’s NRA | Photo Credit Fox News

“The National Rifle Association are really good people. I’ve gotten to know them. They endorse me. The earliest endorsement, I believe, they’ve ever given. We are going to protect and preserve our Second Amendment,” said Trump during his election campaign.

President Trump will be the first sitting President to address the National Rifle Association since Ronald Reagan. Chris Cox, from the NRA, said they expected a major turnout for the event in Atlanta, Georgia.

Trump completely backed the NRA during his campaign.

NRA Loves President Trump

NRA’s Chris Cox told Fox News:

“We’re excited. We’re going to have a big celebration in Atlanta next weekend. We’re expecting over 80,000 NRA members from all over the country to join in the celebration and there’s one particular member that they are very excited to hear from and that’s the President of the United States.”

“This President ran as the most pro-Second Amendment, pro-individual freedom candidate in the history of the country. And, if you look at how he’s governed over the first 100 days, he’s arguably been the most effective and the most successful in the first 100 days of any presidency. We’re really excited, not only about him speaking but about Donald Trump being the President of the United States.”

Trump’s Visit Pivotal Moment

Trump’s NRA | Photo Credit Fox News

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

“Trump’s visit comes at a pivotal moment. He is set to arrive in Atlanta on the last day of federal funding under the current funding bill, and there could be at least a partial shutdown if Congress doesn’t pass a new spending bill by then.”

“The visit also comes as Georgia awaits Gov. Nathan Deal’s decision on a controversial proposed gun rights expansion. State legislators approved a measure that would legalize firearms in most places on public college campuses over the objections of Democrats and some campus leaders who worry it could lead to violence.”

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