Trump White House Owns Media with Best Press Release Ever


Justice is deceiving because it doesn’t always come in the manner one would expect. For instance, we’re betting that liberal media never expected a press briefing from the Trump White House on the dangers of animals. And oh my, we don’t mean lions, tigers, and bears.

Photo Credit | VICE

Last week, left-wing media started another firestorm by purposely misconstruing comments Trump made about MS-13. During a meeting on sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, the president specifically and rightfully referred to the gang members as “animals.”

However, most major anti-Trump outlets decided to spin the story to make the president look as bad as possible. Top sites like the Washington Post and New York Times purposely mislead their audience to believe that Trump used the words “animals” to describe all illegal immigrants.

After the media started spreading the fake news, leftist celebrities joined in the attacks on Trump. While we won’t repeat what they said, just know it was the typical profanity-laced, hate-filled garbage they usually spread.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the president to bite back over the false accusations. First, he reminded reporters that he was referring directly to MS-13. Then, in true Trump fashion, he doubled-down on his “animals” remark. On Monday, he drove the point home a third time and caused a total media meltdown.

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