Trump Vs. Hillary: Who Will Win the War On Terror?



 Trump Plans His Attack After Win, “Bomb the S___ Out of Extremists!”

Hillary thinks we should just amp up the counter-terrorism plan of Barack Obama. But Trump says we need to up the aggression factor. Just two years ago, Obama was put into his place by the extremist Islamic State. And Trump or Clinton will have to take over soon. One of them is going to have to face the challenges of fighting radical extremists overseas. At the same time they will have to try to stop another attack like Orlando from occurring. Orlando shook the public and killed the confidence in the current political administration. And now the public’s confidence is lowering more than ever. 

Clinton and Trump will have to face the challenges now. And they both have entirely different opinions on how to handle the situation. They have entirely different opinions on how to destroy the threat and protect our country at the same time. The extremist has made a joke of Obama and his entire term. Let’s hope Trump wins and can change the way the world sees America again.

Trumps Plans His Attack After Win

Trump advocates “extreme vetting” of immigrants who are from Muslim nations. Saying we need to weed out potential terrorists, combine the plan with extremely aggressive military tactics and end the war as soon as possible. In order to make it happen, we will have to work closely with other nations. America will have to form a powerful military coalition. That’s the only way we can win the war overseas. And Trump backed the idea saying, “Bombing the sh** out of extremists and going after the family of terrorists is the best thing to do.”

He also said a huge mistake was made when America didn’t take control of the oil fields in Iraq during the invasion. If the United States would have seized the oil fields, they would have shut off funding to extremist groups. Trump has not ruled out using Nuclear weapons.

What Are HRC’s Plans to Fight Terrorism?

The Democratic nominee on the other hand, would like to create a no fly zone in Syria to protect ground forces. She says we need to protect our ground forces fighting extremists in these regions. Basically, HRC would like to step it up on Obama’s Counter-Terrorism plan. Personally, the plan really hasn’t done much of anything, it sounds like a weak idea by weak a candidate.

Director of the Transnational Threat Project, Thomas Sanderson said the next president will have to face an “unbelievable monster.” He referred to the increasing challenge of the war ensuing with several Islamic states overseas. Whoever wins the elections is going to have a lot to deal with from day one of winning the presidency.

Sanderson pointed out the nature of the terrorist threat is evolving daily. It’s going to be extremely difficult for any president to handle the pressure when they step into office. It doesn’t matter if they prefer a harder approach, a lighter one or a more covert one like the current president. Whatever happens it’s going to be a hard battle for whoever is elected.