Dems Will Bring Sexual Assault Victims As ‘Special Guest’ To Trump State Of The Union Address

Sexual assault movement
The #MeToo hashtag calls attention to sexual assault and harassment.

President Trump is slated to give his State of the Union address before Congress later this month. Rather than showing support, or respect at least, several Democrats plan to invite special guests to attend the speech. The #MeToo movement is coming to the House.

For the annual address, each lawmaker is given an extra ticket to bring a guest. This year, Democratic Florida Representative Lois Frankel in encouraging those tickets go to sexual assault victims.  “Some members will be bringing survivors of sexual assault and advocates as their guests,” said the aide, who wished to remain anonymous.

As leader of the Democratic Women’s Working Group in the House, Frankel speaks out frequently about sexual misconduct issues.  Last week, she proposed holding “mock hearings” with the women accusing President Trump of sexual harassment.

Surprisingly, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi pressured Frankel to drop the idea. Pelosi purportedly said that such hearings, aside from requiring official committees, only serve to hinder bipartisan efforts to craft legislation on sexual assault.

Even more surprising, several Democrats told NBC that Trump’s accusers are not receiving invites. Instead, Democrats are extending invitations to other sexual assault survivors around the country. Still, many lawmakers question whether the State of the Union is the place to discuss the problem.

Political Points

Trump State of the Union 2017
February 28, 2017: President Trump gives Joint Session speech before Congress. | Photo Credit Washington Post

While everyone can agree that sexual assault and harassment is a serious problem, one that needs addressing, there are more pressing issues. Immigration reform, North Korea, Iran, and healthcare being just some of the problems.

Not to mention, trotting out survivors of sex crimes during the State of the Union borders on immoral. Their stories are often traumatic and so is their pain. Exploiting them for political gain is both heartless and cruel.

And make no mistake, this is all about scoring political points for Democrats. After all, how many of these victims do you suppose will be conservative women? Perpetrators of sexual assault and harassment don’t ask their victims who they vote for.

President Trump will give his State of the Union address on January 30th.