Burbank Studios Just Put Up A Special Sign For President Trump…READ IT

Photo credit | The Wrap

Which word, delusional, hypocritical, or sanctimonious, do you think best describes the attitude of Hollywood elites? All three? Now a new plaque, dedicated to President Trump, proves just how out-of-touch with the world the Weinstein crowd is.

Hollywood is coming apart at the seams amid an onslaught of sexual assault allegations against producer, Harvey Weinstein. And, the problems don’t end there. Actors Ben Affleck and Kevin Spacey, magician David Blaine, and MSNBC’s Mark Halperin are also among those accused of sexual misconduct.

Trump Weinstein
Photo credit | Twitter/Seth Gottlieb

However, despite these new sordid revelations, President Trump is the one under attack. Hollywood TV producers placed the plaque you see above, on a lot at Burbank Studios. This is the spot where Trump did an interview with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush. The tape was made public in 2016, by Democrats hoping to halt his presidential bid.

Seth Gottlieb, a visual effects artist for the TV show “Legends of Tomorrow,” posted an image of the plaque on Twitter last Friday. Gottlieb’s accompanying caption clearly demonstrates the message producers are trying to convey with the sign:

“In dishonor of our President, the producers of my show created a plaque commemorating his comments to Billy Bush, which happened on our lot.”

Apples and Oranges

Trump Weinstein
President Donald Trump and Producer Harvey Weinstein | Photo credit CNN

However, unlike Weinstein and company, President Trump has never sexually assaulted women. There have been “timely” allegations of misconduct against him, but none of them have been proven. And while his locker room talk may have been in poor taste, it is a far cry from rape.

There is a big difference between words and actions, a fact that always befuddles the left.

However, social media users clearly see the difference. Several individuals were quick to point out the hypocrisy of the plaque in light of Hollywood’s cover-up of the historical sex scandal. “How stupid. Where are the plaques where Weinstein ACTUALLY ASSAULTED actresses?” asks Jerry Stewart.

Unsurprisingly, there were a fair number of liberals who love the plaque as well. Concluding that Weinstein isn’t America’s president, justifies their support.

It apparently matters little that Trump was not president in 2005 either. And, last time we checked, there was no plaque commemorating Bill Clinton in the Oval Office.

However, there is one blue dress in the Smithsonian.