BREAKING: With Trump Orders Held In Court, Over 8,400 Refugees Enter U.S.


Trump Tries To Block Refugees, But…

Refugee Rejection | Photo Credit ABC

On two occasions, President Trump has tried to block refugees from entering the United States, only to be stopped by the Left. Now, over 8,400 refugees have entered and resettled in America, based on figures from the State Department.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Trump’s first executive order called for a temporary ban on the resettlement of refugees for 120 days, and an indefinite ban on the entry of Syrian refugees. This order was subsequently blocked by a federal judge in Seattle and the decision was upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The president signed a revamped order on March 6 that included the 120-day temporary ban on refugee resettlement but removed the provision about Syrian refugees.

“This revised order was subsequently blocked by federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland. The Department of Justice is currently in the appeals process, and a judge in Virginia recently ruled that the order is, in fact, constitutional.”

Left Slowing Down Trump’s Progress

President Trump has not been able to complete his campaign promises because the Left will not help and actually encourage this refugee resettlement. Since Trump took office, around 8,476 refugees have resettled in America.

Within this massive number, 1,131 of those refugees were Syrian. This is three times the number of Syrians resettled under Obama, which was 395 refugees. During his campaign, Trump referred to the Syrian refugees as the “Great Trojan horse.”

Trump’s Great Trojan Horse

Refugee Rejection | Photo Credit ABC

According to the LA Times:

“Trump has promised to shut the door to refugees and lock it, at least right away. After first calling for a “complete and total ban” on Muslims entering the U.S., earning condemnation from Democrats and Republicans alike, he later adjusted his statements, saying he would temporarily suspend immigration from countries that have histories of spawning terrorists.

“No one would be admitted until they passed a tough new review, what he called “extreme, extreme vetting.” He’s said that should include some kind of ideological test to prove they share “American values.” Experts have said that such restrictions are probably legal — the president has sweeping powers to decide who can and who can’t enter the U.S. — but question whether they would be effective, or would cause the gears of the refugee process to grind entirely to a halt. Trump hasn’t specified what that test would look like, or how it would be different from the tough process, lasting up to two years, faced by Syrian refugees now.”

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