LOOK: EXACT Number Of Refugees Trump and Obama Admitted Into U.S. Revealed…

Protesters hold signs for refugees | Photo credit WikiMedia Commons

One of the best things about President Trump is his eagerness to protect American lives. His policies, especially on refugee resettlement, are a stark contrast from that of his predecessor Barack Obama. The number of refugees admitted to the U.S. are in and they make the difference abundantly clear. 

Last October and November, while all eyes were on the presidential election, refugees were flooding into the country. The Obama administration admitted 18, 300 refugees in those two months alone.

Even more alarming than the numbers, is where the migrants came from. A large portion arrived from Middle Eastern countries known as hotbeds for Islamic terrorism. According to a report from CNS News, 2,259 were Syrians, 2,262 were Iraqis and 2,463 were Somalis.

Out of those demographics, 98% of Syrian refugees are Muslim while nearly all Somalis and three-quarters of Iraqis are Muslim. Flash forward to October and November of 2017, and the difference in refugee resettlement is striking.

Obama vs. Trump

Trump Obama refugee admittance
The chart shows the number of refugees entering the country has significantly decreased under President Trump. | Photo credit Pew Research Center

In the same two-month period under President Trump, only 3,108 refugees were admitted to the U.S. Of that number, less than 10% came from Syria, Iraq, and Somalia. In fact, the majority of migrants, nearly 60%, are Christians. The largest group of refugees hail from locations in Asia, Africa, and Ukraine.

The 83% reduction in refugees entering the U.S. comes after President Trump froze resettlement activities for one month back in September. During that period, he authorized an overhaul of screening procedures to better vet those seeking asylum. The president also reduced the yearly number of admitted refugees allowed by Obama by just over 50%.

In addition to creating extreme vetting protocols, Trump withdrew from the non-binding U.N. migrant relief program known as the “New York Declaration.” And, he called for an end to the National Diversity Visa Lottery. At least two suspected terrorists, Sayfullo Saipov and Akayed Ullah, entered the country through that program. 

Nonetheless, as good as this news is, it may be short-lived. It left up to Democrats in Congress, who want to remove all bans on refugees, these numbers would most likely climb. At this point, Americans can only pray that they don’t take back the House and Senate in the 2018 mid-terms.