The Trump NFL Debate Conspiracy Theory: Fact or Fiction

By Chris McDonald | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-02

By Chris McDonald

Donald Trump theorizes Clinton and the Democrats tampered with the scheduling of the Fall Presidential debates; citing two of the three debates are to be aired opposite NFL games.

Trump voiced distain for the scheduling conflict in a tweet posted Friday night, “As usual, Hillary & the Dems are trying to rig the debates so 2 are up against major NFL games. Same as last time w/ Bernie. Unacceptable.”

The Democratic preliminary debates between Clinton and Bernie Sanders were scheduled on a Saturday night, when there was the greatest chance for the largest percentage of the registered voting population to not be at home, which would save Clinton from being exposed as a two-faced dolt.

The Commission on Presidential Debates released a comment on Sunday suggesting Donald Trump is arguing a moot point.

It is impossible to avoid all sporting events, and there have been nights on which debates and games occurred in most election cycles. A debate has never been rescheduled as a result,” according to the Commission.

The dates are usually announced a full year in advance; this year’s debate dates were released in September, 2015.

According to the commission they intentionally release the dates a full year in advance to give the television networks “maximum lead time and predictability in scheduling these extremely important civic education forums.”

The first debate scheduled for September 26th squares off against the Monday night NFL game between the Falcons and the Saints on ESPN.  

The second debate, scheduled for October 9th, puts the two candidates vying for air time with the Sunday night NFL game between the Giants and Packers on ABC.

Trump believes that Clinton and the Democrats are using the scheduling conflict strategy to protect Clinton, especially if she is ahead in the polls.  Her inner circle knows that a Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton debate will likely result in a nationally televised intellectual beat down.

Donald Trump’s accusations against Hillary Clinton and the DNC regarding the debates have been widely publicized as conspiracy theory.

This idea may not be so crazy considering it is coming on the heels of leaked DNC emails showing enhanced support of Hillary Clinton over her rival Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries.

The treachery of Clinton’s own email scandal alone should bare enough proof as to the character of the Democratic Presidential hopeful.

In this presidential election Trump needs to be a little paranoid, I think.  He is dealing with a woman who has already proven to be as devious, as she is powerful.  He is not crazy, he is realistic.  

Hillary Clinton has the connections of a Secretary of State, First Lady, and a former President combined.  These are the types of ingredients that comprise a recipe for conspiracy theories publicized all of the time.  I think would be a little paranoid too.


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