Trump Blasts the New York Times for Being Lousy Writers

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-31

New York Times writers tried to slander Trump, But They Didn’t Realize He Would Do This

Once again, the biased New York Times took a shot at Trump as they always do. This time Trump shot back declaring, “The media is very unfair. They’re biased.” Trump reported this to Fox News and pointed out that the New York Times is failing at reporting accurate news.


Trump was then heard to say,

“You look at The New York Times, I mean, the fail — I call it ‘The Failing New York Times’ because it won’t be in business for another, probably more than a few years unless somebody goes in and buys it and wants to lose a lot of money,”

Trump said. “But The New York Times is so unfair. I mean they write three, four articles about me a day. No matter how good I do on something, they’ll never write good.”

Trump went on so far as to say he will revoke their press credentials when he can.

The New York Times is obviously running in a very popular, Democratic state. It should come to no surprise to any of us that they would have nothing good to say about the potential, future president of the United States. Luckily Trump is good at taking the guff and moving forward, with more pressing matters like the elections less than three months away, who can blame him.

Trump is continually covered by other media sources who provide less than accurate depictions of the businessman and politician. Trump has mentioned his concerns in the past about very dishonest coverage of his campaign. However, he never lets it stop him from speaking his mind freely about Hillary and the rest of the current political regime.

Right now my guess would be Trump is more focused on the recent discovery of 30 emails discovered by the FBI, directly linking Clinton to Libya and Benghazi.

And he’s probably questioning why the Legal Team reviewing the documents is stating it will take until the end of September to review these documents.

With only 30 documents to review, you would think an entire legal team could review them in less than a month at the very least. It brings to question, who’s side is the team really on and is the media the only source of information and influence who’s got it out for Donald Trump? With any luck, the team FBI will release the documents and we’ll soon find out in full detail about the actions Hillary took that lead to the ultimate demise and death of several American Citizens and Troops in the unfortunate incident that took place in Libya and Benghazi. Like and Share this post to support Trump and Comment below with your thoughts on how the New York Times and other publications should be handled.

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