Trump Unleashes On Robert Mueller Over These Leaked Interview Questions


This week, Donald Trump unleashed fire and fury on Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller drew the president’s ire after a series of  interview questions he has for Trump were leaked to the New York Times.

Trump unleashes on Robert Mueller over leaked interview questions
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On Tuesday, President Trump rebuked the special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation over a list of questions leaked to the press. His main issue, understandably, is that few if any of the questions address the issue Mueller should be investigating.

According to the Times report, the series of questions touch on an array of subjects. Mueller is inquiring about Trump’s Twitter posts, his knowledge about campaign aides, and their alleged dealings with Moscow, as well as a host of other subjects. 

For instance, the special counsel wants to know if Trump made any efforts with regards to “seeking immunity or possible pardon” for Michael Flynn. And did Trump know of any attempts by his campaign, including by Paul Manafort, to reach out to “Russia about potential assistance to the campaign.”

Now, concerning those two questions (you can read the full list here), 16 months of investigating offered no evidence that the answer is “yes” to either. So, it stands to reason that if any of that were true, then Mueller should already know about it.  Yet, he doesn’t and that is the point.

At least where Trump is concerned it is. That, and the fact the press has these questions in the first place. Which, based on his response, is what appeared to anger the president the most. On Twitter, he called out the “phony” collusion theory and bashed the leak. 

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