Trump Admin Sued After Encouraging Medicaid Recipients To Work

Medicaid work requirements
Kentucky is the first state to impose Medicaid work requirements. | Photo credit Clarion-Ledger

Medicare is mandatory, not to mention costly burden on individuals with surviving on Social Security income. Medicaid, on the other hand, is provided at usually little to no cost for millions of people, many of whom can work and choose not to. That is a problem President Trump is trying to correct and consumer groups are throwing a fit.

It makes very little sense for the government to charge citizens for Medicare who have worked all their life while giving away Medicaid to those who haven’t. Yet, for years that is exactly what’s been happening.

Until now.

The Trump administration recently started encouraging states to file waivers allowing them to require Medicaid recipients to work. Work mandates would apply to able-bodied, working-age adults. Medicaid work requirements can also be met through volunteering or enrolling in job training.  

Now that doesn’t sound unreasonable, does it?

Well, if you ask Southern Poverty Law Center the answer is “yes.” The SPLC along with two other consumer advocacy groups are suing on behalf of 15 Kentucky residents. Kentucky recently began imposing work requirements after receiving approval of their waiver.

The lengthy complaint, alleges the Trump administration has “effectively rewritten the statute, bypassing congressional restrictions, overturning a half-century of administrative practice, and threatening irreparable harm to the health and welfare of the poorest and most vulnerable in our country.”

Since when are people who refuse to earn their keep considered the “most vulnerable?” Seniors and children are vulnerable, welfare leaches not so much. If an individual can work, take classes, or volunteer, they should. After all, that is only fair.

The Road to Welfare

Trump welfare reform
Democrats and advocacy groups oppose welfare reform from the Trump administration. | Photo credit Bear Creek

According to ABC, approximately 11 million low-income adults qualified for Medicaid thanks to Obamacare expansions. Of course, fostering dependence on government was the intention behind the expansion in the first place.

Truth is, Democrats learned long ago that the more the people need them to survive, the more they’ll believe their lies. When citizens work and pay taxes, they wise-up and become a threat to their agenda.

Welfare isn’t a hand-up to the left, it’s a vote in the ballot box funded by taxpayers.