WINNING AGAIN: IBM Promises A MASSIVE 25,000 New Jobs “Under Trump”…

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Donald Trump hasn’t even taken the oath of office. Yet, he’s already managed to boost our economy in YUUGE ways. Big. It’s really big!

And it seems that those of us who voted for him aren’t the only ones excited about our incoming President.

Trump Continues to Make History

Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton will most definitely go down in the history books. He flipped a record-setting number of counties that had previously voted for Barack Obama. 209 to be exact.

Even more impressive is the number 2,626 — the total number of counties he won in the election. He is the first Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan to achieve such a high margin of victory. But the election isn’t the only reason Mr. Trump will make history. 

It seems the silent majority who came out in droves to vote, are impacting something else in a way few saw coming. 

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