ALERT: Lead Investigator Just Confirmed TRUTH About Obama’s Birth Certificate (ALL EVIDENCE)


Do you remember playing hide and seek when you were a kid? I loved it. If you were seeking you felt like Sherlock Holmes. If you were hiding, your objective was not to get caught. The Obama administration loves to tell us they are the grown-ups in charge, and yet, evidence has surfaced that they have been playing a very deceptive game with the presidential office.

Image: Screen Shot Fox 10 News

In 2011, Sherriff Joe Arpaio charged Mike Zullo with the task of “clearing this document”–the Obama birth certificate. He needed to determine, once and for all, if an official government document was forged.

Arpaio has stated numerous times, he had no motives or emotions invested in the outcome. 

In spite of all of the maliciousness backlash he faced, the irony was that in fact, he began the investigation with a presumption of innocence. His lead investigator was an Obama supporter who stated at the outset he would not do anything to hurt the president.  

Source: Washington Times

He later found the evidence would lead him where he didn’t want to go.

There was no way this seasoned investigator would have predicted… 

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