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Trump Just Did It… “Clinton Knows She’s Guilty”

By Theresa White | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-27

“Clinton Knows She’s Guilty!” Says Trump

Trump shouts out, “Clinton knows she’s guilty” in regards to her actions in the State Department. Trump has called upon the special prosecutor of the Justice Department to look further into Hillary’s role in the State Department and the relationship between the department and the Clinton Foundation.

He continues on to point out what is going on. To pay attention to what is happening right now and how out of control the entire situation is. The country is looking for the truth, and the politicians in office are beyond reluctant to give it. From Obama to Clinton we see continual deceit and falsities, people don’t know who to trust and it’s dividing the country.

The basic foundation and right principle’s within the constitution that this country was built upon are crumbling. The very foundation of society has cracked and pillars are beginning to tumble. The next four years could mark an epoch in progress for this country or turn it into a state of turmoil, far beyond our darkest nightmares.

As Trump clearly states, we all know she’s guilty. It’s the feeling you get in your gut, the sense that she will do whatever she wants regardless of who it effects. In Trump’s own words, “Everybody knows she’s guilty. She’s lied all over the place. And it’ almost like she can do whatever she wants to do. I think it’s so unfair. It’s so bad for our country.”

As Trump went on he spoke of the more than 150 voicemails for Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills from a top Clinton Foundation Executive. The list of wrong doings goes on and on and as Trump put it, none of these people are supposed to be setting up meetings. Just look at what is happening every time they set up meetings. Whether it’s Bahrain or wherever, things are happening that are not supposed to be.

The Crown Prince of Bahrain, gave more than $32 million to the Clinton Global Initiative. According to him hit had nothing to do with the Secretary of State, it was purely in relationship to a scholarship program for the students of the country.

The meetings that took place were not just to say hello. They were to talk about things they were not supposed to talk about. And they likely had nothing to do with the weather or how’s your family. Whether they’re talking about arms dealing or whatever, there is a lot of bag things happening and being discussed during these meetings. Personally, it creeps me out but I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear exactly what is going on. My point in the end, Clinton cannot be trusted to head this country and if she wins, she will surely bring it to ruin. So vote Trump for President in 2016.

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