Trump and Ivanka Plan New Child Care Policy


Earlier this week in New York, Ivanka Trump and her father discussed their new plan for child care. The two discussed the plan in great detail. One of Trump’s aides was also heard speaking about Hillary and her not having anything to mention on the issue. In fact, Hillary doesn’t really have anything fresh at all. She’s kind of like a child who acts entitled. Only this time it’s to the presidency of the United States of America she feels entitled to. Hillary doesn’t have anything special planned for the American People as of now except more lies and deceit.

Trump Taxpayer Policies He’s Got Planed

Then there’s Trump, he’s got plans to reshape this country and make it an economic super power again. He’s rooting for all Americans, not throwing half of them in the fire like Hillary with her deplorable comment. Trump will be planning reform on trade and foreign policy, immigration, education and taxes. Along with that, him and his daughter have big plans to create more affordable child care for hard working mothers.

Washington oftentimes pushed childcare to the side, they don’t consider it a very important subject. You think they would though when you think about how many new parents struggle the first four years of their child’s life.

“Zero through 4 aged children there has been a real dearth of policy work in Washington, D.C., and in general—that’s one of the first things we found when started on the policy work,” One of Trump’s Aides said. “There’s been some work at the pre-K level and obviously K-12, but very little for zero through 4.”

Trump and Ivanka Plan New Child Care PolicyTrump has major plans focused around using tax codes to help new parents. The new codes will let parents of newborns and toddlers deduct their childcare costs from their taxes. Along with childcare, they will also be able to deduct any expenses they have for elderly parents. They will be given the opportunity to deduct expenses for up to four household members. Trump’s aides then added, tax deduction could be as much as $250,000-$500,000 as of now for upper echelon tax payers.

In the case of childcare and elderly care, tax payers in that bracket will not be eligible.  For others however, the new law could allow individuals up to $1,200 a year in rebates per eligible family member.

More On the New Donald Trump Childcare Policy 2016

Trump is also planning to create new Savings Accounts. The DCAs (Dependent Care Savings Accounts) would be eligible to anyone. As of now, the only available deductible accounts are FSAs and they must be offered via an employer. The DCAs would give tax payers accounts that could appreciate year to year, completely tax free. They would also offer tax free, deductible contributions. The accounts will be designed to help people pay for the care they are providing for their children or any elderly family members in their household.

Ivanka Trump will be involved in these specific policies to make sure everything runs smoothly. Apparently she’s been working on this policy since the Republican National Convention that took place in Cleveland back in July.