Trump Gets Back at Barack Obama by Inviting Malik Obama to Third Debate


The same day that Obama told Trump not to whine about voter fraud, Trump stuck him back by inviting his half-brother Malik to the last debate.  He said, “I look very much forward to meeting and being with Malik.  He gets it far better than his brother.”  Sources like Cristian Farias from Huffington Post don’t see the point in this.  Farias wrote, “Barack Obama is not on the Democratic ticket in November, but somehow Trump thinks it’s a great strategy to use his half-brother as a prop against his actual rival, Hillary Clinton.”  

Here’s the story behind Malik Obama.  Well, Malik is a Muslim from Kenya who has between 3 and 12 wives.  He is also the half-brother of President Obama.  Most importantly, he supports Donald Trump.  

Family Feud


Barack Obama family.
Barack Obama family.

The two brothers used to get along well until 2013.  He once told the New York Post,

“My brother didn’t help me at all.  He wanted me to shut it down when I set it up. He hasn’t supported me at all.” 

He was talking about a foundation they started under their father’s name.  Malik was inspired by his half-brother to run for governor in Siaya in Kenya.  He only got 1 percent of the vote.  In the U.S. he is an accountant to places like the American Red Cross, Lockheed Martin and Fannie Mae.  Guess what?  He’s voting for Trump.  

It seems he is doing it out of spite, but hey neither Trump nor Malik care for Barack so why not.  In July when he endorsed Donald Trump, he said that he believes Trump is honest and will “Make America Great Again.”  He also believes that the women who accused him of sexual assault are lying because these women didn’t come forward earlier.  On top of that, he opposes LGBT rights which his brother loves and so does Hillary Clinton.  

Time in the Limelight 

Besides all of that, him and Trump, as Max Bearak from The Washington Post says, “They are habitually opportunistic about the limelight.”  For example, Malik is loving the media coverage since Trump invited him to the debate.  Heck, he also invited four women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault.  How does that feel Hillary?  Meanwhile, Trump has been pointing out the way Hillary’s husband treated women in contrast with what she preaches about how great she is for women’s rights.  

Malik is the only Obama who likes Trump.  Not so long ago, his uncle told the Post, “America needs someone who is going to bring people and cultures together, and that is not what Donald Trump stands for.”

As cool as a cucumber, Obama is playing it off as if he is unfazed by it.  Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, says that Obama has thought about Trump inviting his half brother, but the two don’t have much of a relationship, so he doesn’t really care.  Obama says that he only talks to Malik about once a year lately.  

It seems Obama has forgotten his roots.  This makes him look bad even if he chooses not to acknowledge it.  Almost as bad as Florida not supporting Marco Rubio in the primaries.