Trump Fights Back in Gettysburg Speech Against Hillary & Jessica Drake


On Saturday, Donald Trump visited Gettysburg to share his vision for his first 100 days in office. There, he said that he hoped to “heal the divisions” of the country just like President Lincoln. 

Trump explained, “Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign — total fabrication. The events never happened. Never.”

Some Legislative Titles

Trump did name some legislative titles such as the “Affordable Child Care and Elder Care Act” and “Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act.” Trump reflected: “Hillary Clinton is not running against me, she’s running against change. And she’s running against all of the American people and all of the American voters.”

He also had names for immigration proposals like, “End Illegal Immigration Act” to impart mandatory prison sentences for undocumented immigrants re-entering the country illegally after deportation. Mr. Trump proposed, that any country refusing to comply with our immigration and deportation laws should no longer be granted access to visas.

And yes, he still promises to build that wall between the US and Mexico and to have Mexico pay for it.  He did change it up a bit saying that “the country of Mexico will be reimbursing the United States for the full cost of such a wall.”  

Setting Things Straight

He also reiterated pledges he’d made to “drain the swamp” in Washington through ethic laws and term limits for the House and Senate. He called for “a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce the federal workforce through attrition, exempting military, public safety and public health.”


Jessica Drake. (Credit:
Jessica Drake. (Credit:

On the same day, an adult film actress came out saying that Trump invited her to meet him in his hotel room at a 2006 charity glove event in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. She was accompanied by a few female friends, she said. The woman, Jessica Drake, appeared with a women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred, considered by conservatives, as the equilivant to a celebrity ambulance chaser. Who suspiciously appears whenever high profile allegations are made.

The Trump campaign responded to this by saying, “Mr. Trump does not know this person, does not remember this person and would have no interest in ever knowing her.”  


*Editor’s Note: This post was edited for accuracy after publication.