The Trashiest Liberal Media Attack On Trump

Trump family
Trump family at the Republican National Convention.| Photo credit CBS News

Everyone knows that left-wing media despises Donald Trump. The stories they put out attacking Trump and his family typically rank are often akin to tabloid gossip. But, their latest attack on the president, and by extension, Melania and Ivanka, is purely trash journalism. 

One particular story going around, a scandalous tale of Trump’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels, is especially egregious. The once reputable Wall Street Journal happily, if not enthusiastically, rehashed the accusations last week.

Since then, almost every liberal media outlet has seized the opportunity to add their two cents about what a despicable man the president is. Take for example this headline from the New York Post: “Porn star: During our affair, Trump said I reminded him of Ivanka.”

In their reprehensible hit piece, the writer takes care to remind readers that at the time of the alleged affair Barron Trump was only three months old. Adding to the vitriol, In Touch magazine is releasing a 5,500-word 2011 interview with Daniels. They promise readers plenty of “pillow talk” and details about Trump’s genitals. 

Sex, Lies, and Leftists

President Trump and adult film actress Stormy Daniels deny accusations they had an affair. | Photo credit Fox News

Seriously, even if this affair happened (Trump and Daniels denied the allegations) what purpose does it serve to bring it up more than a decade later? Does it in anyway affect Trump’s ability to lead this country?  

They certainly didn’t feel that way about JFK and Bill Clinton.

And what about Melania, Ivanka, and Barron? Insinuating that Trump was smitten with a porn star because she “reminded him of his daughter,” is indicative of a sick mind. Our heart breaks for the First Lady and her young child too. They never asked for this and certainly don’t deserve it.

In any case, this type of journalism is irresponsible, reckless, and a stain on the industry. It only satisfies the people who write it and read it, all of whom obviously need an excuse to justify their hate.