Trump Reveals His Family Christmas Card, Liberal Media Instantly Goes Nuts Over 1 Word

Trump Christmas card
The Trump White House Christmas card. | Photo credit Unilad

If there was any hope that the holidays would slow down liberal media attacks against President Trump, it is quickly fading. This week, they’re slamming the Trump family Christmas card for being too Christian.

Revealed on Monday, the 2017 White House Christmas card says, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” The card is signed by President Trump, First Lady Melania, and 11-year old Barron.

The liberal media was having none of it and didn’t waste a minute telling people about it. In their story about the card, Unilad accuses President Trump of reserving his holiday greetings for Christians.

“While most people think the function of Christmas cards is to spread goodwill to all mankind, it kind of seems like Donald and his family are pretty keen to keep the goodwill among the Christians,” they wrote.

What’s perhaps most interesting about Unilad’s perspective is that it demonstrates so little understanding of the subject matter. The term is not expressly religious. Christmas is a national American holiday, celebrated by a variety of faiths.

An American Celebration

2016 Obama family Happy Holidays card. | Photo credit Washington Examiner

Take Ivanka Trump, for example. She’s Jewish and still wished her followers a “Merry Christmas” along with a “Happy Hanukkah.” The salutation is about more than just religion. It’s about celebrating and sharing good tidings. Even The Washington Post accepts this.

“Merry Christmas” is not a religious greeting,” they wrote in 2016. “The wish for a merry holiday accentuates the jolly party-going, tree-decorating, gift-shopping, cookie-baking aspects of modern American celebrations.”

Regardless of faith or traditions, the debate over President’s Trump’s Christmas card will likely continue. While it is significantly important to his supporters, the subject is simply fodder for his critics. What else is new?

What do you think of the Trump family Christmas card? Let us know in the comments.

  • Shirley Conatser


  • David Vanover

    If you took a vote the no would not register as significant and if they had a petition few would sign it if it was public. Small minds reject parties and misery loves company . They can’t stand happiness when they are miserable.

  • cindyca

    The Christmas card is beautiful. Where is the religion in this card I don’t see it. The card couldn’t be more limited it says “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year”. President needs to IGNORE THOSE IDIOTS. WE ARE LOVING THE SHARING THE TRUMPS ARE DOING WITH PICTURES AND KEEPING US UP TO DATE ON THINGS, IT’S GREAT! Notice the media can’t stand to say the ECONOMY IS DOING AWESOME and they want to stop it, they want to stop Trump, they want to stop the movement that continues and none of it is stoppable. The Card is Elegant and Warm and right to the point it’s awesome.

  • njdvorak

    I’m glad to see a card that says Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. I have always said Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all.

  • Lee Lalonde


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