SHOCKING: HUGE White House Leak… Trump Says Obama Is Responsible


Obama Holdovers Leak Trump Private Calls

President Trump believes Obama holdovers within the White House and National Security Council have leaked private information about phone calls between himself and Australia and Mexico.

President Trump | Photo Credit Fox News

Trump Calls “Obama People” Disgraceful

“It’s a disgrace that they leaked because it’s very much against our country,” said the President. “It’s a very dangerous thing.” These “Obama people” are soon to be replaced. 

President Obama | Photo Credit NBC News

Trump Says Leaks Were Also Misrepresented

Trump believes that the leaked information came out negative. However, his conversations with both parties were actually “positive,” according to Trump. 

These leaks went to mainstream outlets like the New York Times, NBC, the Associated Press, and The Washington Post. These outlets continue to blast Trump. 

Trump Interview | Photo Credit CBN

The left-leaning Mother Jones reporter David Corn said, “Given Trump’s erratic nature and lack of experience, especially in foreign affairs, these leaks may be more important than ever. They give us a sense of how he’s doing his job.”

Perhaps these leaks do describe how Trump is working. Trump is trying to work within Obama’s landmines from his holdovers who are leaking information to the press. 

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