Donald Trump Makes Plans To Host A Military Parade


The latest faux outrage among leftists stems from the news that President Trump is asking for a military parade. As usual, the problem with their outrage is that it’s based on ignorance. Trump’s military parade won’t be the first, and hopefully, it won’t be the last.

Take a look at some of America’s biggest military parades.

1. “At War” Parade

Military plane displayed on a float in 1942 “At War” parade. Photo credit Pinterest

On June 13, 1942, Americans filled the streets in New York City to show support for troops heading into battle in World War II.

The “At War” parade, lasting almost 12 hours, included civilians and servicemembers marching in front of two million spectators. One of the floats carried a bust of President Franklin Roosevelt.

2. Victory Parade

Victory military parade
82nd Airborne Division marches alongside tanks in the 1946 Victory parade. | Photo credit Pinterest

Four years after the “At War” parade, in 1946, Americans once again gathered in New York City. This time, to celebrate Allied victory in World War II.

The parade, led by 13,000 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division, stretched for four miles. Attractions included Sherman tanks, self-propelled Howitzers, and a flyover of C47’s.

3. The Eisenhower Parade

President Eisenhower displayed the M-65 Atomic Cannon in his inaugural parade. | Photo credit Reddit

The first U.S. President to call for a parade in their honor was Dwight D. Eisenhower. The parade, rumored to be the longest in history, commemorated his inauguration in 1953.

An estimated 60,000 people watched from the grandstands and approximately 1 million in total witnessed the parade. Over 20,000 service members participated in the event that included a close-up of the M-65 “atomic cannon.”

4. JFK Inauguration Parade

President John F. Kennedy watches as soldiers march alongside tanks in his inaugural parade. | Photo credit

Like Eisenhower, President John F. Kennedy celebrated his inauguration with a parade. Coming in the middle of the Cold War, it was important to JFK to showcase America’s military might.

As a result, countless numbers of onlookers watched as 16,000 members of the US armed forces marched down Pennsylvania Avenue. They marched alongside weaponry displays such as the Minuteman missile and the supersonic B-70 bomber.

5. Gulf War Parade

1991 Gulf War National Victory Military Parade. | Photo credit US Militaria Forum

The most recent military parade (and the last) marked the Persian Gulf War victory in 1991. President George W. Bush authorized the $12 million National Victory Parade.

To showcase the military, stealth bombers, patriot missiles, tanks, and various other weapons were featured in the parade. Crowds of proud Americans applauded returning troops as they marched down Constitution Avenue.

President Trump is not reinventing the wheel. What he is doing, is trying to revive the spirit of patriotism that once filled the streets of even the most liberal of American cities. But you can bet it will be an uphill battle.

But as you know, the only parades the left wants consist of torched cars, broken windows, and pink hats.