Trudeau Finally Reveals What He REALLY Thought Of Trump…


Trudeau Impressed With Trump’s Efficiency

Trump & Trudeau | Photo Credit NBC News

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that he was impressed with President Trump during their meeting in Washington.

Trudeau revealed, “What I saw from the American president was a focus on getting things done for the people who supported him and who believe in him, while demonstrating that good relations with one’s neighbors is a great way of getting things done.”

These comments came during a news conference in Strasbourg, France.

Working With Americans

Trump & Trudeau | Photo Credit CNN

In addition to the Canadian Prime Minister, the president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani was also present. Tajani communicated a similar message and said Canada can perhaps play the middle man between America and European relations.

“We want to work with the Americans,” said Tajani. “Over the next years, the Canadian work is very good for relations between us and America. It’s easier for the Canadians to speak to the Americans.”

Trump and Trudeau seek various similar goals.

Helping The Middle Class, Helping The World

CETA | Photo Credit Benchmark News

Both President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau both want to help the middle class to create a “positive example that everyone is going to benefit from around the world.”

Trudeau’s remarks were the first time a Canadian prime minister had ever addressed the European Parliament. In regards to a ratified Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), he said it may be one of the last agreements if not all parties involved were satisfied.

He went on to call the European Union a “truly remarkable achievement,” specifically within the goal of create a peaceful co-op. “Canada knows that an effective European voice on the global stage isn’t just preferable—it’s essential.”

The goal of this first plan, CETA, is to create a blueprint for future trade deals.

Which leader do you think Trump will impress next?

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