The 5 Worst ‘Third World’ Cities In America… Run By Democrats


Over the last few weeks, President Trump has been criticized for allegedly referring to some third-world countries as “s**tholes.” While it may sound brutal, it really isn’t. Places like Haiti and Somalia have major problems.

However, when the truth is offensive it’s usually because it hits close to home. For instance, there are a few third-world American cities that closely resemble the decimated countries Trump is referring to. And wouldn’t you know, all of them are run by Democrats.

These five pictures prove our point.

Memphis, Tennessee

Third-World city Memphis
Crime and drugs have taken a toll on once thriving neighborhoods in Memphis. Photo credit | The Richest

If you’ve ever been to Memphis, then you know there is some beautiful history there. Yet, life for citizens is well-short of a fairy-tale. In reality, they spend time dodging bullets and avoiding gang threats.

Reminiscent of a war-zone, the city is plagued by drugs and violence. Liberal lawmakers are too busy tearing down Confederate monuments to waste time fighting the drug cartels and gangs. 

Chicago, Illinois

Poverty and crime continue to rise in African-American neighborhoods in Chicago. | Photo credit Investment Watch

“Modern,” “chic,” and “industrial,” are all words that progressives use to describe Chicago. However, statistics paint a different picture. In fact, “Chi-town” is like West Side Story in living color. Only there is no dancing and singing. 

Despite having some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, Chicago is ravaged by gun violence. So much so, that Democratic politicians in the city are reaching out to the United Nations for help to “end the genocide.”

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Michigan
Apartment buildings look like war zones in Detroit. | Photo credit Financial Jiu-Jitsu

This once booming city was home to America’s top auto-makers. Today, the only things making noise in Detroit are guns and the rumblings of hungry stomachs.  Although the poverty rate slightly declined last year, it remains among the highest in the nation. 

If you take a stroll around the city, you’ll see apartment buildings that look like they were hit by a North Korea missile. Buried under a mountain of debt created by liberal fiscal policies, Detroit filed for bankruptcy in 2013. Those who could flee did. 

Los Angeles, California

Homelessness is a major problem on the streets of Los Angeles. | LA County Government

Although it’s hard to believe that all that glitters isn’t gold in “Tinsel Town,” it’s nonetheless true. Looking at the picture above, one might conclude it’s a scene from Slumdog Millionaire. They’d be partially right.

In the land of movies and millions, thousands are sleeping on the streets in Los Angeles. Why? Because California, with all of its liberal ideas, leads the nation in poverty. How’s that for progress?

Baltimore, Maryland

Just a stone’s throw away from the nation’s capital, Baltimore is a city on the brink of destruction. Like so many other Democrat-controlled locations, residents are plagued by poverty, drugs, and crime. 

A 2014 study conducted by Johns Hopkins University found that Baltimore teenagers felt worse about their living conditions than their counterparts in Nigeria and South Africa. Situations like this should not be possible in a developed country like America. 

Nevertheless, while there are many more cities like this in the U.S., you certainly get the point. President Trump is trying to prevent more of these problems from occurring. Bringing in people from war-ravaged or poverty-stricken countries isn’t going to help the situation.