Tom Hanks Outrageously Says He WOULDN’T Do This At The White House

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep
Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep star in Steven Spielberg’s “The Post” | Photo credit MovieWeb

Liberal actor Tom Hanks is channeling his inner “Forrest Gump” this week. He has a new film coming out about The Washington Post, which he says he won’t screen for President Trump at the White House.

Hanks is starring as former WaPo editor Ben Bradlee in the new film, “The Post.” Meryl Streep is also in the movie, which tells the story of the Pentagon Papers. In a recent interview, Hanks told The Hollywood Reporter that he would not attend a screening of the film at the White House.  

Citing the riots in Charlottesville, the president’s “Pocahontas” jokes, and his referring to liberal media as “fake news,” Hanks said it wouldn’t be right to attend.  “I don’t think I would,” he responded to THR, when asked if he would go. “…I didn’t think things were going to be this way last November.”

“I would not have been able to imagine that we would be living in a country where neo-Nazis are doing torchlight parades in Charlottesville [Va.] and jokes about Pocahontas are being made in front of the Navajo code talkers,” Hanks continued. “And individually we have to decide when we take to the ramparts.”

Running from the Truth

Tom Hanks-Forrest Gump
Tom Hanks as “Forrest Gump”. | Photo credit New York Post

Oddly enough, Hanks’ comments come in response to an invitation that doesn’t exist. While studios do offer to screen films at the White House for sales, no offer was made in this case. Given the subject of the film is the Washington Post, we can certainly understand why.

Nevertheless, Hanks’ criticism of President Trump is not surprising. After all, he lives and breathes (and earns a large fortune), in the world of make-believe. Being a great actor, which most will agree he is, does not make him an expert on real-life. Otherwise, Hanks would know you don’t decline an invitation you haven’t received.

Yes, it is crucial for a democratic republic to have a free press. However, it’s even more important to have a free press that tells the unbiased truth. So rather than sending them expensive espresso machines, maybe Hanks should send them back to journalism school.

But hey, mama did say that “stupid is as stupid does.”