The Real Reason Why America, And Trump Need You Now More Than Ever…

By Theresa White | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-23

donald trumpThe effort to color Donald Trump supporters as ill-informed, uneducated, and downright mean spirited has, by all accounts, been successful. However, is it truthful?

The answer is a resounding no.

It is clever of the opposition to paint Trump supporters with such a derogatory brush. It’s right out of the same playbook that hangs a racist pendant around the neck of anyone daring to criticize the incumbent president, or utter the words “all lives matter.”

It divides.

If the Trump shaming continues and takes its full intended effect, my prediction is that a Trump win is still completely possible. Although it will confound the wisest pundits—just like we saw in the primaries.

So, there might not be as many Trump signs in the neighborhood yards. Nonetheless, when the curtain is pulled and the ballots are cast, that’s where the magic happens.

Ordinary people have the power to speak their minds at the ballot box without being called a bigot—and they will no matter what the media says about them.

Just as sure as President Obama stirred the tea party into (re)action, the last impotent republican candidates propped up by the Republican Party created the path for a Trump presidency.

Donald Trump supports are not ill-informed as some would have us believe. They are tired of eloquent politicians two-stepping around the truth. Wanting a man who lacks the skill of sugar-coating words and forcing lies down America’s throat doesn’t make them uneducated, it makes them uniquely American.

Trump supporters are tired of being labeled as angry and racist.  

Michael J Hicks believes Trump supporters, win or lose, are here to stay. He makes this observation:

“The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. offered a tractable, morally complete vision for us to overcome a vile history of slavery and racial bigotry. Americans of goodwill have been pursuing this path for half a century. But the illusionary post-racial world of President Obama’s rhetoric has yielded to a corrosive and culturally destructive reality of ethnic tribalism that threatens any sense of a shared future. Donald Trump is merely riding the train of racial resentment; he isn’t its engineer.”

Donald Trump is not the engineer of the racist, tribalism tearing us apart. That’s correct. The current president and his first lady have been stoking the coal into that engine since 2008. Now, they’ve given it power and a fresh coat of paint, when it should still be decaying in train yards of the sixties.

If you want to see racism, anger, and mean-spirited rhetoric—you won’t find them at a Trump rally. The people spewing the hate and hurling bricks, don’t really want answers. Real answers to hard issues are never easy—and usually hard to swallow.

The Trump supporters are the ones willing to take the chances, make the hard and unpopular choices to make a difference.

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