The Media Is Not Reporting This One HUGE Break In The Case About The Attacker In Berlin

Source Credit: AP Photo/Michael Sohn

Radical Islamic terrorism. This is a phrase that Americans, and people around the globe, are all too familiar with. Global “jihad” is on the rise. Their goal is world domination.

However, the recent attack in Germany may have been aimed directly at Donald Trump. But regardless of the barbs thrown by his detractors — our President-elect refuses to bow down to bullies. 

Terror in Germany

On December 19th, a semi-truck plowed into a crowded market in Breit­scheidplatz square in Berlin. The crowd was gathered at the Christmas market to celebrate their faith and traditions. Twelve innocent people were killed and over 50 were injured. Why?

Because they weren’t Muslims.

The suspect is still on the loose and extremely dangerous. He is believed to be a Pakistani refugee who came to Germany back in February. This is certainly not surprising, but it is tragic. And it has to stop.

There are many unanswered questions about this latest attack. But when you take into consideration the “who”, “when”, and “where”, the picture becomes clearer. 

As we recently reported, Donald Trump has made saying “Merry Christmas” again a priority. How does this relate to global terrorism?

Could it be that Trump’s statement and the attack in Germany are connected? It sure seems that way…

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