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Supreme Court allows Trump travel ban
On Monday, the Supreme Court handed President Trump a major victory by allowing his travel ban to fully take effect. | Photo credit Fox News

Federal courts have not handed President Trump many victories in the last 11 months. Judge William Orrick III blocked his executive order withholding funds from sanctuary cities just last month. However, the highest court in the land just handed the president a major win.

Thanks to the Supreme Court, Americans can rest a little easier. At least for now. In a 7-2 ruling on Monday, SCOTUS allowed President Trump’s travel ban to go fully into effect. The ban prohibits entry into the U.S. from citizens of the following six countries: Syria, Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen.

Two liberal associate justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor, dissented. Both women said they would have left the decision to the lower courts. Many of which continue to block enforcement of all or parts of the ban. 

However, the Supreme Court ruling on the travel ban is not yet permanent. Several cases against the order are pending and must weave there way through the system. If appellate courts quickly resolve those cases, SCOTUS could hear arguments and decide on the issue by June.

Since the initial executive order in January, the Trump administration has revised the travel ban three times. Both Hawaii and the American Civil Liberties Union have filed suits to halt enforcement, claiming it is discriminatory against Muslims.

Immigrant Rights Project Director, Omar Jadwat, responded to the ruling in a statement “President Trump’s anti-Muslim prejudice is no secret. He has repeatedly confirmed it, including just last week on Twitter,” he said. “We continue to stand for freedom, equality, and for those who are unfairly being separated from their loved ones.”

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Trump shows travel ban executive order
President Trump shows his executive order on foreign travel to the U.S. | Photo credit Business Insider

The highly anticipated decision comes just as debate on illegal immigration is once again heating up. Last week, illegal immigrant Jose Zarate was found not-guilty in the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco. Ironically, San Francisco, along with Richmond, VA, are two of the jurisdictions seeking to halt the travel ban.

In another move to curb the influx of migrants and refugees, President Trump ended U.S. participation in the Obama-era “New York Declaration.” The non-binding U.N. compact aids refugee resettlement efforts through education, jobs, and relocation.