BREAKING: New Stat Uncovered About Trump’s Wall Is Driving People Crazy…


Trump’s Wall Is Simple Math

According to the Federalist Papers Project, Trump’s Wall will cost about $10 billion, but currently, we’re paying around $113 billion per year to support illegal aliens.

Is the only a plan for America?

Mexican Border | Photo Credit NBC News

Trump’s Wall Idea Happening In Another 65 Countries

In addition to the cost and savings from the wall, it’s also important to remember that 65 other countries are either building a wall or they already have a wall built. 

Trump’s Wall | Photo Credit CNN

Trump’s Wall Will Slow Down Illegal Refugees

Like other country’s leaders, President Trump believes most of the illegal immigrants are entering the country illegally. Many of these refugees are entering at the Mexican border. 


Illegal Refugees | Photo Credit Dark Horse News

Trump’s Wall Has Nothing To Do With Race

Much like the so-called “Muslim Ban,” the Mexican border wall has nothing to do with racism, despite what the Left has to say. It’s about protecting America. 

Is there another option?

Illegal Refugees | Photo Credit IRIN

If these walls do not slow down or stop immigrants from entering the country illegally, then why are 65 other countries trying to build their own walls?

American Money | Photo Credit Flickr

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