Under Sniper Fire? Hillary’s Collection of Fairytales and Fables

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-20

“I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” – “Crooked” Hillary Clinton 

The Bosnian civil war was no joke, thousands of people lost their lives in a war that saw a violent divide between the forces of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbian and Croatian-Bosnians.  It yielded a sobering impact on the world and reshaped the political and geographical landscape of former Yugoslavia.

On March 12th  1996, in a visit three months after the war had settled and tensions eased, Crooked Hillary flew into Tuzla, a heavily fortified American military base. What’s less shocking and ought to be expected is that Hillary did not encounter “sniper fire”, nor was there a sense of any real urgency or danger.

Contrary to her dramatic recounting of the events, Hillary was not in the heat of battle, gun in hand, fighting for her life.  Instead she was seen leisurely trotting down the tarmac, and then was met by a jovial group of elderly women and young children who offered great praise to the former First Lady.  They were profusely thanking her for her presence and humanitarian aid.

Clinton is met by Bosnian soldiers on American military base
Clinton is met by Bosnian soldiers on American military base

At that time the Tuzla airport was reported as being “one of the safest places in Bosnia” and “firmly under the control” of the 1st Armoured Division.

Maybe another episode of amnesia is to blame.  Like the one that saw her forget whether or not she had been briefed on the meaning of the C in Classified. Maybe Clinton just has selective memory, or maybe, and what’s probably more likely here, is that she’s lying again (on camera no less!). Her recounting of the events is just another nail in the coffin to add to an endless list of warped stories and lies that serve to further her political agenda.

A word of advice to Clinton: next time when carelessly lying and using unabated hyperbole, it is unwise to do it in front of a camera.

Clinton went back and forth after multiple news outlets questioned the events. Hillary stated,

“Now let me tell you what I can remember, OK — because what I was told was that we had to land a certain way and move quickly because of the threat of sniper fire. So I misspoke — I didn’t say that in my book or other times but if I said something that made it seem as though there was actual fire — that’s not what I was told. I was told we had to land a certain way, we had to have our bulletproof stuff on because of the threat of sniper fire. I was also told that the greeting ceremony had been moved away from the tarmac but that there was this 8-year-old girl and, I can’t, I can’t rush by her, I’ve got to at least greet her — so I greeted her, I took her stuff and then I left, now that’s my memory of it.”

What other lies will we let Hillary get away with?


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