ALERT: Man Forcibly Removed From CPAC… Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Him


Left-Winger Removed From CPAC

Ryan Clayton | Photo Credit Twitter

On Friday, a Left-Wing operative who has a history of shady conduct at various events was removed from CPAC for distributing Russian flags to those awaiting President Trump’s speech.

Some of the pro-Russia were actually waving the flags, according to some news outlets. The instigator, Ryan Clayton, had actually written the name “Trump” on all of the flags so his intentions were clear.

Project Veritas’ James O-Keefe first mentioned the flags.

Ryan Clayton, Leftist Activist

Ryan Clayton | Photo Credit Twitter

Ryan Clayton heads Americans Take Action, which is a Left-Wing group of activists who are now trying to reform the electoral system. In addition, he is also an executive director for Wolf PAC with Cenk Uygar from The Young Turks.

Months before, The Daily Caller reported that Clayton had also tried to pressure Republicans to drop Trump during the election. This is just one aspect of many within his series of political mischiefs.

He’s also one of the activists who believes in Russian hacking.

History Of Leftist Scandals

Ryan Clayton | Photo Credit Twitter

Last December, Ryan Clayton told one news outlet, “If Putin picked our President, now We the People, then Trump must be rejected by the Electoral College.” He also served as campaign manager for Larry Lessig, a Harvard professor who attempted to run for president in 2016.

Likewise, Clayton has been caught in Oregon and Maine trying to smear state election candidates that he didn’t agree with.

According to sources, “In Maine, Clayton’s name was on invoices for mailers sent out to female voters falsely smearing a candidate as a “slumlord.” In Oregon, a group linked to Clayton sent fake questionnaires to voters in hopes of hurting a Democratic state senator that Clayton opposed.”

Clearly, Ryan Clayton is the type of person that will never stop taking swings at those more powerful than him. He also seems to be a little behind the curve as the Russian scandal has somewhat washed over.

Do you think people like this should be punished for their actions?

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