BREAKING: Secret Service Investigating One of The Biggest Musical Stars Of The 80’s…


Madonna Being Investigated

photo credit politico

Recently, we published a story on Madonna’s speech at the “Women’s March”. Now it looks like she is in some hot water.

Her comment about “blowing up the White House” has caught the attention of Secret Service officials. And they plan to investigate the pop singer.

During her vulgar speech, she said she was “angry” about President Trump’s victory. She followed that up with:

“Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,”

According to Gateway Pundit a spokesperson for the Secret Service said they are going to investigate her threat. However, any decision to prosecute Madonna would be up to the U.S. Attorney.

It is the policy of the Secret Service to investigate any credible threat against the President-or any protectee. In fact, they encourage the reporting of any credible threat. They are also careful not to encourage reporting of those who are peacefully protesting. But…

Madonna Went Too Far

Photo Credit: Boston Globe

Her comments went farther than smashing windows or burning trash cans.. Hundreds of people work at the White House. There are children there too. And they certainly don’t mesh with her shouting “We choose love! We choose love! We choose love!”

These groups, and Madonna, are not choosing love. They are choosing violence.

But it may take a while before we know whether or not she will face charges.

The U.S Attorney currently has their hands full with the 230 rioters arrested on inauguration day. Reports indicate that those individuals will be charged with felony rioting. A crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Madonna could face similar penalties if charged and found guilty.

According to U.S. Code Title 18, Section 871, threatening the President is a class E felony.

Let’s hope the Secret Service sends Madonna and others like her a clear message “Your 15 minutes of fame are up.”


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  • tinker1

    do it!

  • Caesar Kay

    Book the bitch.

  • Eric Bentsen

    I keep waiting for a tornado, but it never comes.

  • Susie Varney Barnes

    Lock her up.

  • Scolaro Heidi

    Yes, I think when you talk like that and threaten the white house. Everything has consequences think before you speak and do crazy things.

  • fpc

    i hope she receives some jail time. it is about time everybody accept and acknowledge that we are a nation of laws.

  • guest

    I do hope she receives some jail time but hit her hard where it’s going to hurt her most. In the pocketbook. And donate that money to a worthy cause. Make her also pay for the clean up of the mess they left.

    • Corinne Redlowske Locher

      Agree with you 100%! The taxpayers shouldn’t have to be the ones stuck with the bill for that mess they left behind! She should also have to donate to the Veterans & the homeless!

      • Astrid Addams

        Great idea, someone has to help the veterans and the homeless, might as well be the liberals, as usual, God knows the right isn’t going to do shit for them.

  • Lynn Davis Roberts

    She is NO BETTER than anyone else………….she deserves to get charged just like anyone else would!!!

    • Michael Trull

      She said that for publicity. If she goes to jail, she will prove that the media will make her rich. She’s like the bad wwf wrestler. #HILLARYFORPRISONNOW


        She & Killery should get along just fine. MAYBE even IN A CELL TOGETHER!!!!!!!

  • gale storm

    Throw her in jail…..make an example of her….that people can’t go around making these kinds of dangerous threats…..

    • Pippiagain

      The problem is, I’m not sure admitting you thought about something is a threat. I have thought about many things that I would never actually do. In her situation, though, she is in a position to influence someone, so her saying that is a lot more serious. Is that a crime? Not sure. I wish they could throw her in jail, too!

  • Pippiagain

    I think she is allowed to think anything she wants, and maybe even to say she thought about something. But in her position, she is trying to influence the simple people she was speaking with to give it consideration. I hope they put the fear of God into her, altho I’m not sure they can pin a crime on her…

  • sarge

    Boycott her music that will hit her pocket.

    • Wax

      When was the last time that witch made music?

    • Astrid Addams

      No it won’t, she’s Madonna, she doesn’t need your money, or any money from anyone for that matter.

  • Janet Waters

    HATE SPEECH. If the CIA picks up Madonna for inciting violence against the Trump Whitehouse and charge her for terroristic threats—-then all the race-baiters need to be picked up too!! People like Al Sharpton, Whoppi Goldberg, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright…and the Radical Leftwinger Reporters who are intending to “spread the hate” with their “alternative facts.”

  • Deborah Gibson


  • Wax

    Madonna needs to be fully prosecuted by the law…if someone would have said that about Obama when he was in the white house with millions watching, you can bet your ass they would be in prison…Madonna is triggering maniacs to commit violence against our President….Lock Her ASS UP!!

    • Michael Schreiner

      Oh please… Gimme a break… It’s idiots like yourself that help create something from nothing and keep it circulating on social media. If you or anyone including the secret service thinks that Madonna would actually blow up the white house or is any kind of threat, then I would say your IQs are equivalent to that of President​ Trump.
      Leave Madonna alone douche bag!!!

      • Wax

        No…its dumb asses like you who worship idiots like Madonna, and get dumb asses like you to do her dirty work…So STFU!

  • Faye Dapiran

    I am certainly not a Madonna fan, but how could she possibly be prosecuted. She shouldn’t have said it, but she did say she thought about it. Lots of us have thoughts, many, many that we never obviously intend to act on.

  • Tracee Okrainec

    are you fucking kidding me? Go find something credible to investigate, instead of someone who got over excited. *rolls eyes*

  • Mary jones

    I consider Madonna trash with cash, anyone else would have been arrested for making that remark, Madonna s, please, stay in France, or England, or whatever new Muslim nation you go to, your so over.

  • Anonymous

    how can we expect they, or even the media, to stop this stuff, unless, and until, people start getting their fingers burned? put a handfull in jail. and she the rest jump to attention. eight years, of learning lawlessness, takes measures, to undo. do it.

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