UCLA Player’s Father Thought He Could Get Away With Snarky Remark, Trump Responds…

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Ball Scavino Trump
UCLA basketball players Cody Riley, left, LiAngelo Ball, right, and Jalen Hill, background center, leave the Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday after returning from China. | Photo credit ESPN

LaVar Ball, the father of UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball, thinks shoplifting is no big deal. He also said he didn’t need help from President Trump, to bring his son home from China. Over the weekend, President Trump and White House Social Media Director, Dan Scavino, set the internet on fire with their response. 

LiAngelo, along with Cody Riley and Jalen Hill, were arrested two weeks ago for shoplifting at a mall in Hangzhou. China. But instead of facing ten years in a Chinese prison, the players arrived back home to the United States last Tuesday. Their release came just hours after President Trump spoke with Chinese President, Xi Jinping.

Shortly after returning home, Ball, Riley, and Hill gave a press conference on the situation. Accepting responsibility for their actions, they thanked the president for his help. “I didn’t exercise my best judgment, and I’m sorry for that,” said LiAngelo. “I’d also like to thank President Trump and the United States government for the help that they provided as well.”

However, LaVar Ball was not so grateful in his response.

Air Ball

Ball Scavino Trump
LaVar Ball, the father of UCLA player arrested in China, dismisses Trump’s role in release. | Photo credit NBC News

Not only did he downplay the seriousness of their crime, but he also claimed the president did nothing to help solve the problem. According to Ball, people are making much ado about nothing. His remarks are every bit as ridiculous and audacious as you’d expect, coming from a progressive.

“They try to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes. I’m from L.A. I’ve seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses,” he told ESPN on Friday. “My son has built up enough character that one bad decision doesn’t define him.” After seemingly making excuses for the trio’s reckless behavior, he aimed President Trump.

“Who?” Ball told ESPN when asked about Trump’s involvement in the matter. “What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.” After seeing the interview, bot Trump and Scavino took to social media to explain a few facts to Ball about the matter.

In basketball, they call that a slam dunk.





  • Willie

    Maybe President Donald Trump should have said,
    WHAT I should have left them in jail?
    Instead of “I should have left them in jail!”

    • Dan Gibson

      The father said he would of got him out on his own! Don’t try to put the blame on Trump! Trump didn’t need to do anything; he did it out of the goodness of his heart!

      • Cindy Marie Perry

        well there was time – why didn’t you get him free – instead of going to Trump you sleeze

  • KooKKy

    President Trump acted more like his father than the real father. What Dad wouldn’t have said that exact phrase if the child were ungrateful?

  • harold

    progressive is too kind of an explanation , i can think of a more suitable one.

  • disqus_V3KVVbmLVd

    3 pts for the home team #MAGA

  • Texas Woman

    It sounds like Lavars father does not fully understand that Communist countries like China,do
    more than warn a person who steals. THEY PUNISH THEM, SEVERELY. A good World History class would teach that. But, I don’t believe World History has been taught correctly since the 1970’s. or 1980’s.

  • Dana Mosier

    The problem originated at home many years ago. The father didn’t teach his child that stealing is wrong. He obviously wasn’t educated enough to teach his son.

  • Cindy Pattana

    Lavar’s father making excuses for his son is probably the reason his son is a thief.

  • Lazer11

    Lavar was also arrested when he was 12 for what shoplifting of course. And his nut of a father is a coach?

    • Cindy Marie Perry

      the apple didn’t fall far from the
      tree – trash like father like son

  • Helen Witschi


  • Jessie Gayden

    Father of the shoplifter, hide your face in shame!

  • Saman

    LaVar is a complete and utter MORON.

  • David Johnston

    are they facing some sort of penalty in the u.s.? they should be doing community service for a long time

  • Jessie Garrett

    He is a thief and like Our President said he should have left them there for couple years … This guy is an IDOIT …

  • Kenneth Wayner

    if you want big baller shit just go steal it ..ITS NOT A BIG THING

  • Cindy Marie Perry

    when these smart ass law breakers big shot sports do something in
    another country let them pay the price
    shame the thief is home and free he should be shipped back to pay for his crime the unappreciated bum

  • Morty

    Well where is this kid’s career going to go now? who’s going to want to have that kid in there college? He’s a product of his parents, he’s a thief! His father is a big mouth ass wipe it isn’t doing his son any favor by insulting the president especially after the president kept his son from being put in a Chinese prison. The kid seems to understand the severity of the punishment that he might have received and he apologized but that was overridden by his old man’s big mouth and insulting demeanor. He walked all over his son with no consideration for his son or his son’s future. What a total f****** idiot Lavar ball is.

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