An Elementary School Teacher Just Tried To Get Political With This Sick Scarecrow…

Photo credit | Stepp Apples

Halloween season is in full swing across the country. Although, this year the holiday appears to be coming with a Trump-bashing twist. For the second time this week, an elementary school is under fire for allegedly making political statements. Parents in Santa Clarita, CA are upset by a life-size angry scarecrow fashioned after President Trump.

Significantly, as part of an annual Halloween contest at Santa Clarita Elementary school, children and teachers decorate scarecrows to display on school grounds. While most of the designs weren’t at all scary, the angry Trump scarecrow has some parents very upset. Now, they are speaking out about the political message behind the display.

Trump scarecrow in Santa Clarita
Life-size Trump scarecrow at Santa Clarita Elementary School | Photo credit Santa Clarita Watchdog/Facebook

On the Santa Clarita Watchdog Facebook page, several parents are sharing their concern. “No matter what your political affiliation is, this was 100% inappropriate for elementary students to see at Santa Clarita Elementary today,” writes Eileen Sutton. “What was this teacher thinking subjecting Santa Clarita children to such hate & her political views?”

However, one person is sharing a unique perspective on the display.  “I’m fine with it. Left-leaning indoctrination has been occurring in every grade level, since, forever,” the comment reads. “Kids will graduate and quickly see that the real world doesn’t play by elementary school rules.”

In a similar incident, parents of children attending West Parish Elementary School in Massachusetts were shocked at their annual Halloween party. A bean bag toss featured a fake tombstone with the name “Don Trump” on the front. School principal, Dr. Tema Imel sent a letter to parents, saying that schools should not be “pushing political agendas.”

Harmless Fun?

Consequently, the Santa Clarita school district is not commenting on the display saying they had not “heard about the incident.” However, president of the school’s Parent-Teacher Club, Sarah Barsh, is apologizing to parents. 

“I apologize if this is offensive. I do not believe it is the student’s intention to be political.”

Nevertheless, some parents feel the Trump scarecrow is much ado about nothing. Several of them took to social media to defend the teacher and the children. 

One parent even went so far as to say the children chose the scarecrow to show their respect because “Trump scares away all the bad people.”

Is the Trump scarecrow inappropriate or just harmless Halloween fun? Tell us in the comments.