SHOCKING: Jaws Drop At The End Of Governor Session When Trump Says THIS…


When Trump Met With Governors 

Donald Trump ended a press conference with a little jab at the media. Before this happened, he did mention “looking forward to working with” the various governors that had gathered for the Governors Association 2017 meeting.

At the end of the meeting…

President Trump | Photo Credit BBC

Trump Called Out Leftist Media

“We’re going to do these projects and so many more,” said the President. “It’s going to be a really productive discussion, so productive that I’m going to ask the press to start leaving because I wouldn’t want them to see any great productive session but they’ll be seeing it and hearing about it.”

Obviously, this isn’t Trump’s first shot at the Leftist media.

Trump & Trudeau | Photo Credit NBC News

Trump Spoke About Obamacare

Trump also spoke about repealing Obamacare within the meeting as well as the various complexities within healthcare.

Obama Farewell | Photo Credit CNN

Trump Spoke About Past Failures

The President cited Minnesota as one example of Obamacare’s failures. Trump said that the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable. “Obamacare has failed,” he reiterated.

Rex & Trump | Photo Credit SILive

Trump Thanked Them For Coming

The President ended the meeting with a simple thank you. “Again, thank you very much all for being at the White House. We’ll do this many times. I want the opinions of the governors of the states of the United States. So I want to just thank you all for being here.” 

Which Trump jab at the Fake News has been your favorite?

President Trump | Photo Credit CNN

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