These Pictures of Ivanka Trump’s New “Assistant” Are Really Turning Heads


Personal Assistant

Photo Credit: Ivanka Trump/Instagram

First daughter, Ivanka Trump, has a new personal assistant helping her in the White House. Theodore often helps her make important phone calls.

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He is also in charge of making her smile, especially when times are tough. His new position has helped him with…

Growing Up

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At the tender age of 10 months, Theodore is likely the youngest personal assistant in White House history. 

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This is his first promotion. Just a short while ago, he was in-charge of inspecting the floors. His new job also has Theodore…

Dressing the Part

Photo Credit:

He is all about looking professional when he accompanies mom, Ivanka, on business trips.

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They say that “the suit makes the man.” And he is definitely a little man in the making. The youngster has also been seen…

Hanging-Out with the President

We guess it really is all about “who you know”! Theodore is sure to learn a few things by spending time with President Trump,  a.k.a. grandpa.

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Maybe he hopes to have the same job when he gets older? Regardless of what his future holds, Theodore definitely loves his…


Photo Credit:

He is often seen hanging-out with his older brother, Joseph, who is almost three and sister, Arabella, who is four. He isn’t all work an no play, though.

On occasion, he sneaks in a game of peek-a-boo with Uncle Barron.

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Of course, not during “working hours”.

In case you missed the announcement:




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