Attack on OSU Campus Is Further Evidence America Needs Donald Trump


Refugees are entering the Unites States in record numbers. Many of them are undocumented and untraceable, although some are legal residents. In either case, they pose great danger to the lives of American citizens.

Once upon a time, the threat of terrorism was worlds away. But thanks to socialist immigration and open border policies, evil is now an unwanted visitor, regularly forcing itself into our streets, our businesses, and our schools.

Growing Number of Terrorist Attacks On U.S. Soil

Another ISIS inspired terrorist attack just happened at Ohio State University. Ohio joins Massachusetts, Minnesota, Tennessee, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and California, as states victimized by radical Islamic terrorism.

In September, FBI officials noted that the West can expect to see more of these attacks over the next two years. Most of which, will be retaliatory strikes as ground forces overseas wrestle away territory from the Islamic State.

Speaking before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, FBI Director James Comey said “There will be a terrorist diaspora sometime in the next two to five years like we’ve never seen before.”

We recently reported on the elevated terror threat, necessitated by an ISIS propaganda magazine, which has called for jihadists to “use vehicles to attack popular outdoor attractions.” The attack at Ohio State began with a vehicle.

OSU Attacker Identified

A photo of Abdul Razaq Ali Artan that accompanied an interview in the OSU publication The Lantern. Kevin Stankiewicz / The Lantern
A photo of Abdul Razaq Ali Artan that accompanied an interview in the OSU publication The Lantern. Kevin Stankiewicz / The Lantern

The person responsible for the attack on the Ohio State campus, was 18-year-old Somali refugee, Abdul Razaq Ali Artan. Artan came to the United States in 2014 from Pakistan, where he had been living with his family after fleeing Somalia in 2007.

According to Ohio police officials, he drove his car into a crowd of students and then immediately began attacking those nearby with a butcher knife. Nine people were wounded, one critically. The suspect was shot and killed by OSU officer, Alan Horujko.

Artan, the knife wielding perpetrator, gave an interview to the university’s school newspaper The Lantern a few months ago, where he noted “As a Muslim I must pray five times a day.” He blamed media reports on Muslims, for his not feeling safe praying in the open, mentioning that his former college, Columbus State, has prayer rooms for Muslim students.

While no definitive answer has been given as to Artan’s motive, law enforcement officials are alluding to this being a planned attack stating, “this was done on purpose.”

Trump Addressed Refugee Threat

On the campaign trail, President-elect Trump spoke to Minnesota residents about the dangers of Syrian and Somali refugees. In his speech, he was clear about the threat posed by unvetted refugees granted arbitrary admittance into the U.S.

Speaking to the attack at Ohio State, Trump issued a statement on Facebook that his entire team’s “thoughts and prayers are with all of the [OSU] students and administration.”  He also acknowledged OSU staff and law enforcement officials.

If ever there was a time to put politics aside and stand together in support of our President’s efforts, making America safe for everyone, it is now. The future of our country depends on unity, as we are forced to fight a common enemy — terrorism, and those trying to use it to their advantage. Thankfully, we have a strong leader determined to bring them down. 

How can we best support our President-elect’s efforts to protect American citizens?