Is President Obama Secretly Happy Hillary Lost?


Is it possible that President Obama is secretly happy that the Clintons won’t be moving into the White House?

It’s obvious Trump wasn’t his first choice, but it’s doubtful he wanted the Clinton clan in there either.

While it’s true that President Obama took time to campaign for Hillary toward the end, he’s also taken more time to play. Golf, vacations, fund-raisers, and other non-business related tasks filled his calendar over the past eight years.

Clinton and Obama | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons
Clinton and Obama | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Obama Loves His Job

Obama loves being President. He’s good at giving speeches, despite his inability to make most of his promises come true. In fact, he loves the presidency so much, he would likely have ran a third time if allowed. Let’s face it, he tailored a pretty easy job for himself during his White House stay.

In terms of his happiness over Hillary’s loss, the truth is in the polls. Obama’s numbers rose a great deal during this past election.

Is Obama vain enough to think this is his doing? Maybe he can use it to his advantage when he leaves the office next month. He needs something, since his historical record as President of the United States is so poor. 

Obama certainly seems to present a significant and idolized version of himself, which is how the disillusioned Democrats have always seen him. While Republicans understand how “un-presidential” Obama has proven, his supporters see the exact opposite when they view the smooth-talker.

Clinton and Obama | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons
Clinton and Obama | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Building a Legacy

For many U.S. Presidents, some legacies are remembered while other legacies are forgotten. Most people want to leave a mark, and it’s doubtful Obama feels differently, although his might better be termed a stain.

Obama’s legacy was cemented when he won his first election–his record in the White House speaking louder than his slippery words. Obama will always be remembered as the first Black President of the United States, but what else did he accomplish?

Historians tell us time will decide, but had Clinton been elected, she would have undoubtedly changed many policies Obama tried to solidify. Some would have viewed her efforts as strengthening her party, others as weakening it, but Obama would surely have detested her for it–even if he kept his true thoughts to himself.

With Trump in the White House, the changes that come will mainly aim at stopping Obama’s ineffective and destructive actions. At least now, Obama doesn’t have to pretend he likes it. 

What do you think the true relationship is between President Obama and Hillary Clinton?