THE VOA BATTLE: Liberals Accidentally Slip Up & Show Their True Colors… [Investigation]

Source Credit: Getty Images

It’s not the first time accusing questions have flown. This time liberals are asking, “Does Donald Trump have plans to establish a propaganda machine for his agenda?”

To listen to one leftist news source, that would be the case. Specifically the Huffington Post. They claim Trump is looking to turn Voice of America (VOA) into his own personal hype mechanism.

Michael Rosenblum of the Huffington Post writes, “the Republican controlled House quietly inserted an amendment to the Defense National Authorization Act that will gut the VOA and RFE/RL (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty), and turn it into a Trump controlled propaganda machine.”

The VOA is one of the largest news sources reaching 150 million listeners. They maintain they are unbiased and report balanced news.

But do they?…

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