Neal Gabler Says America Is Dead: And Other Leftist Propaganda


Not long after Donald Trump was elected President, author and journalist Neal Gabler wrote a lengthy rant called “Farewell, America.” The piece is written in a twisted nature to showcase the Leftist’s mindset during the election.

Gabler feels that because Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, this is the end of America. The author writes, “America died on Nov. 8, 2016, not with a bang or a whimper, but at its own hand, via electoral suicide.”

Donald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons
Donald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Don’t Let Election Results Stop You

Since Gabler is against the election results, he now feels that America is on suicide watch. This means he also feels that the majority of Americans are both vengeful and deplorable (to use Hillary’s words). It would appear that Gabler never saw the red electoral map of the United States.

The writer seems to have everything backwards. He feels that all of the other countries now view America differently and that we are now a “pariah nation,” and he feels we must prepare for violence, anger, racism and so on. It’s funny how much anger is coming from the side of the Left, in these so-called warnings.

Gabler seems to be melting under the pressure like a college freshman during exams.

Have these Leftist media hounds forgot what it was like to experience a difference of opinion in the last eight years while Obama was in the White House?

Donald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons
Donald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

The Other Million Supporters

Somehow, the Left thinks that every single Trump supporter is a white man who hates minorities and is emasculated by women. That certainly doesn’t describe over half of America, so how can the Left forget about the millions of women and minorities that voted for Trump?

Trump supporters are not “seething” with resentment. Trump supporters are not extremists who hate the “process.”

Instead, they simply seek real change in America. The way things have moved under the Left is frightening, and they want to offer a better life for their children.

Like others on the Left, Gabler seems to be wallowing in agony. He is blaming “disgruntled white Americans,” but ignoring the majority of Trump voters and supporters–hard working, ethical, value-driven citizens.

Only like-minded Leftists would agree with Gabler’s nonsense, which is why they lost the election in the first place. They just can’t respectfully accept a difference in opinion.

Why can’t Leftist extremists peacefully agree to disagree?