How Some People Turned ‘Love Trumps Hate’ Into An Irony Part 1


In almost every anti-Trump protest, you will see people holding “Love Trumps Hate” signs — in addition to Clinton’s, “Stronger Together.” The first one was supposed to make a mocking of Trump because of his supposed “hatred” of things.

Mainstream media reported that racist attacks increased after Trump won the presidency.

However, there is no evidence or statistical proof that the election triggered any terrorism beyond what was already at work, (the types of heinous acts President-elect spoke openly about).

He even called for the people perpetuating these attacks to, “Stop,” in his interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes.

It’s not reported by many media outlets, but some of the people sloganeering “Love Trumps Hate” placards, don’t seem to understand its meaning. In an ironic twist, multiple violent attacks toward Trump supporters have recently been instigated by people campaigning against hate.

“I’m With Her” NYC Subway Thugs

love trumps hate irony
Corey Cataldo got choked and pinned to the wall of a NYC Subway train while wearing his “Make America Great Again” cap. Source: ABC7

On November 16th, ABC7 reported that two men attacked a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in the New York City Subway.

In an exclusive interview with Eyewitness‘ Lucy Yang, the man identified as Corey Cataldo from the Bronx, 24, said he was in the uptown 5 train from Union Sqaure to Paris Park on November 11th.

“He asked me if I’m a Trump supporter. I said, “Yeah,” and thought he’d say, “Me too.” People have been doing that,” Cataldo said.

The next thing Cataldo knew, the man’s hands were around his neck and he was being choked. He tried to fight, but another man pretending to help, told the other man to get off Cataldo. However, the second man shoved him against the wall and pinned Cataldo against the window. Cataldo added that nobody in the train did anything to help.

“Anti-Bullying Activist” Attacks

violence against trump supporters
Anti-bullying activist Shacara McLaurin is charged with felony and misdemeanor assault after her tense war of words erupted into violence. Source: NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

 New York Daily News reported that New York City police said, “Shacara McLaurin 23, shoved 74-year-old Trump supporter, James Durkan to the ground after a heated argument.”

This happened during an anti-Trump rally near the Trump building on Fifth Avenue on November 10th.

Durkan was sent to the hospital with a gash on his head. McLaurin called Durkan, “Nothing more than a Trump bully. She also admitted shoving the man, but said that Durkan faked falling down and injuring her head.

She was charged with a misdemeanor and assault.

Gang Beats Man As Bystanders Cheer

gang beats up trump supporters
David Wilcox gets ganged up after being suspected of voting for Trump. He confirmed he supported the president-elect, but there’s no way the men would have known, he said. Source: Inquistr

Another example of the hypocrisy of “Love Trumps Hate,” comes from David Wilcox, 49, the subject of a viral video from November 10th.

In the video, he is knocked to the pavement as five people gather around him. One of the men punches him with both fists. Cheers of people off-shot can be heard saying, “You voted for Trump,” and “Don’t vote for Trump.”

Two people hit and kicked him. While, being beaten, someone even played a threat-filled, obscene rap song against Trump.

Wilcox told the Chicago Tribune that they dragged him while he was holding onto the window of his car going 70-80 miles per hour. He also said that he believes the incident would not have intensified if not for the people cheering. Someone even said, “Yeah, it’s one of them white boy Trump guys.”

Do you think these violent acts against Trump supporters embody the “Love Trumps Hate” slogan? Share your thoughts in the comments.