LEAKED Podesta Email: Needy Latinos and 1 Easy Phone Call

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-26

October is the month of the leaks that keep on leaking. That’s one way you could look at this recent slew of emails that could be strongly damaging to the Clinton campaign.

Note: The following is an editorial piece, reflecting the opinion of the writer and is not intended to be a news story. 

Beyond the cloud of lies, Hillary likes to hide behind is hiding the untold destruction left in her wake.  Throughout the campaign, Clinton has prided herself on her inclusiveness, her diverse fanbase and her genuine concern for minorities and their communities in America. Specifically the Latino community. 

She had no problem shoving Alicia Machado, who helped mischaracterize Trump, in the media spotlight when it suited the narrative. The stunt unquestionably used the former Miss Universe for political favor, in turn, the Clintons gave Machado American citizenship. This blatant attack was a wasted ploy, though, as Trump has referred to Mexicans and Latinos as some of the most amazing people.

The comment that Hillary and the media like to cling on to so dearly and unforgivably perpetuate of Trump, in which he called Mexicans rapists, was simply misrepresented.

Trump actually made the comment in reference to illegal aliens who are illegally crossing the border and committing heinous crimes, like rape and murder; and not all Mexicans since all Mexicans are not illegal aliens. That’s always conveniently left out of the narrative, though.
On the other hand, Clinton’s attitude towards Latinos seems to have been less genuine. The damning subject line of the conversation Podesta had with Clinton via email read as follows: Needy Latinos and 1 easy call. The media would like to paint Clinton as a woman who cares for Latinos and African Americans.
But the leaked emails reveal that this is simply not the case in regards to using Latinos for votes, and the video calling inner city black men “super predators.” What the Latino community means to Clinton is a guaranteed vote, and nothing else, thanks to the exploitation of Trump’s comments.

By the media stating that Trump called all Mexicans rapists, the entire community is leveled into a convenient voting bloc. Poverty and missed opportunity faced by these communities isn’t on the top of Clintons priority list.

To Crooked Clinton, as evidenced by the Podesta emails, Latinos are a means to an end, an object, as are all the people she uses to ensure she gets the vote by perpetrating lies that have been proven through the onslaught of emails coming from WikiLeaks. 
John Podesta, Clinton’s senior campaign manager, emailed Clinton on her approach to appeal to the Latino community, if not directly, through a proxy. Podesta explains to Clinton which Latino Governors to talk to, how to talk to them and who to call (in order!) so that she can push for them to back her.

Credit: AP

The subject line read as follows: Needy latinos and 1 easy phone call. Clinton’s “super-predators” comment has also lingered in the political ether ever since she uttered the statement.

Through the recent leak, Clinton has to deal with an email where Podesta calls all Latinos “needy” and proceeds to list the steps Clinton should take to win their favor; ensuring that the governors are given specific instructions on their constituents as puppets to Hillary, in order to lobby on her behalf. 
The steps for one of the latino governors, seemed more benign but highly scripted, as follows:
Ken suggests a call to him and was very explicit about making the following four points: 1) you really enjoyed seeing Cindy at the Chambers event and appreciate her support. 2) ask him how he’s been doing 3) ask about his views on the race and what she should be doing in Colorado 4) ask that he consider publicly supporting you. 
Beyond memorizing scripts, reading off them even in telephone interviews, it seems everything needs to be explained to Clinton, even how to appear half-authentic in order to get the people’s votes she so devoutly claims to champion.
To anyone with some common sense, it’s evident that all her talk when it comes to helping minorities and rebuilding minorities and their communities, who have been neglected again and again, is poppycock.
At the the end of the day, Clinton is in the business of getting your vote, and that’s about it. That is, until 4 years from now, when she’ll be concerned about marginalized communities once again. 

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