Los Angeles Antifa Group Hangs Trump Figurine And Demands Revolutionary Violence


While they haven’t made headlines recently, the group known as Antifa is still plotting against America. A Los Angeles, California-based group recently celebrated the start of May by hanging a Trump-like figure and calling for “revolutionary violence.”

Antifa group hanging a Trump-like figure
Photo Credit | PJ Media

The anti-fascist club for overgrown, defiant children is making waves again. This time, for scheming to grab political power by attacking the “capitalist state” in the U.S; you know, the very foundation of our free republic. The same republic that allows people like this to spew their communist/fascist garbage.

On May 1, the LA faction of The Red Guards held an event to commemorate International Worker’s Day. The Maoist group has cells across the U.S. and hopes to replicate the terrorist actions of Mao Zedong and his Red Guards. In their speech, Antifa made no effort to hide their thirst for violence and anarchy.

Besides hanging a doll resembling President Trump, they encouraged military style revolution. “We must carry out military actions against the enemies of the people!” the speech read in part. On their website, they also took pleasure in trashing the police officers who worked the event.

“Police presence was astonishing…” they wrote on their blog. “Pigs in riot gear and in formation were salivating for a confrontation but remained still and confused like stupid dogs.” And that wasn’t the worst part, though we refuse to repeat any more of their fascist propaganda.

Nevertheless, this is another shining example of the much bigger problems brewing in our country. Black Bloc, the historical counterpart to Antifa, has a violent and bloody reputation. And though it’s safe to say these angry leftists are a far cry from their heroes, they shouldn’t be ignored.

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