REVEALED: The Three Topics Kanye and Trump Talked About In Private… This Is BIG…


John Legend slammed his friend, Kanye West, when he accused him of meeting with Donald Trump simply as a publicity stunt. Legend went on to say he was “disappointed” in his rapper pal.  

But it’s hard to imagine anyone would complain about the subjects the musician and the businessman discussed. Things weren’t what many thought they seemed, but we’ll get to that later, though. 

For most of us, musician Kanye West is an unbearable topic of conversation. He has been flamboyant, disruptive and seemingly anti-American. Hard to believe, considering America has made him a millionaire. Okay, it’s not so hard to believe in today’s climate, but that’s a discussion we can have another time.

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For a while, #Kanye2020 trended on Twitter. Yes. He really said he was running for President.

Then it appeared he was firmly on the Hillary bandwagon. But we have said it many times (and we’ll say it again), all is not what it seems.

Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump sparked much curiosity. So why did the bigger than life, (at least in his own head), rush over to Trump Tower?

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