Kaine’s Economic Failures Stand out in Vice Presidential Debate

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-18

The debate last night saw two mild-mannered and respected politicians go head to head on policies that couldn’t be more polar opposite. Hillary Clinton’s camp and left-hand running mate, Tim Kaine, continually perpetuated the liberal agenda: failed domestic and international policies, raised taxes and open borders. 

On the other hand, Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, put both Kaine and Clinton in their place.

Although the Clinton camp would like to paint Trump in the most negative, heinous light, and believe me they do, most of the public expected to see a mild debate amongst two experienced politicians.  What resulted was furthest from it, in an engaging political conversation that even gave the Presidential debate a run for its money.

From the start, Kaine unleashed a flurry of finger-pointing and low-handed insults hurled towards his opponent; labeling Trump a woman-hater, Putin-enthusiast, and when it comes to his businesses, a shady opportunist.

Trump and Kaine debate policies
Trump and Kaine debate policies  Credit: AP

All the while Pence remained dignified, poised, and cool.  His opponent, on the other hand, only made himself look foolish at every turn.

Kaine’s approach seemed to be that of an attack dog, a strategy which eventually saw him only barking insults that weren’t landing. Throughout, Kaine showed a lack of decorum and respect, never facing issues directly. Beyond constantly interrupting Pence during his speaking time and abruptly cutting him off innumerable times, the Democratic vice presidential nominee didn’t say much.

Maybe beyond distracting from the real issues and dishing out below-the-belt rhetoric, there really isn’t much negative things to say about Trump’s plan, a plan that was eloquently summed up tonight by his running mate.

Mike Pence is the Governor of Indiana; a state that’s seen a record, on the national level, in job creation, a continuous and healthy balanced budget, a boom in infrastructure investments, as well as an exemplary reputation for its education system. On top of that, Pence has managed to ensure the state now has over two billion dollars surplus at the end of the fiscal year.

This stands in sharp contrast to Obama’s trillion dollar doubling of the national deficit. A habitual hunger for debt which has kept Kaine and his running mate as well as the Democratic party, indulging in an ever increasing, concerning way.  And at this point, and who can really forget?

In comparison to Pence’s sound strategies, Kaine, who is the current senator of Virginia, has left his state two billion dollars in the hole.

Coupled with an ineffectual voting record, Kaine has supported and cost almost a trillion dollars in tax increases for the average American. What could lead us to believe that his voting history and policies would be any different? Pence pointed out that a Clinton/Kaine administration would include more deficits, more national debt, more government spending and more red tape.

These irresponsible and damaging policies have always been a staple of the Democratic Party, but Pence negotiated with the audience to question Washington, and Hillary’s motives.  

Beyond the carefully-recited script Kaine was handed to memorize, he offered nothing tangible in terms of economic reform.

A Clinton/Kaine presidency would promise far more regulation and far more poking bureaucratic noses in the average American’s affairs.  It would be an ever-widening black hole of debt, continuing a lagging, half-dead economy.

Beyond the usual rhetoric employed by Clinton and her running mate, it seems that they’re actually not really interested in change but in the status quo.  That is, as long as they can appease themselves and their masters, in order to get a nice chunk of change or power at the expense of their fellow Americans.

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