Retired General James Mattis: The Newest Threat to America’s Enemies


Failed foreign policies under the Obama Administration have opened the door for radical terrorism to enter America. Donald Trump promised to get tough with America’s enemies and he just chose his new enforcer. Meet the newly nominated Secretary of Defense, Retired Marine Corps General James Mattis.

A Strong Military Leader

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After graduating from Columbia High School in Richland, WA, James Mattis enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1969 at the age of 18. Described as both “urbane and polished” Mattis quickly rose through the military ranks. After earning his Bachelor’s degree in History, he was commissioned a second lieutenant in 1972.

As a lieutenant colonel, Mattis commanded the 1st battalion, 7th Marines in the Persian Gulf War. Promoted to colonel, he served as acting commander for the 7th Marine regiment and led the 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade in the Afghanistan War. Mattis played a decisive role in the Iraq war, negotiating with insurgents in the city of Fallujah and running combat operations.

Affectionately referred to as “Mad Dog” Mattis, he was respected for his fierce combat strategies, and for his humanity. During his time in Iraq, he urged his troops “to be aggressive in fighting Iraqi forces, but to show soldierly compassion toward civilians and prisoners.”

He served 41 years in the Marine Corps, retiring in 2013 after being head of U.S. Central Command for 3 years. He is considered to be both a soldier and scholar, always carrying his copy of Meditations of Marcus Aurelius during deployments.

Mattis Will Join Trump in the History Books

James Mattis will become the second general in America’s history to lead the military as a civilian. General George C. Marshall was the first, serving as Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense under Harry Truman.

For Mattis to take the job, Congress will have to waive an existing federal law which states that the Secretary of Defense must be retired from active-duty service for 7 years. They waived this law only once before, for George Marshall.

He Will Be Tough On America’s Enemies

ISIS with new Toyotas in military display of defiance
ISIS with new Toyotas in military display of defiance

When speaking to the threat of terrorism, General Mattis does not mince words about what needs to be done. He said “Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.”

He has been a vocal critic of the Iran Nuclear Deal, as he clearly understands the threat Iran poses domestically, and abroad. According to the Military Times, General Mattis stated the regime is “the greatest threat to stability in the Middle East”.

He is a firm believer in using the power of military might to dissuade America’s enemies. He fights hard and he does it with dignity and the admiration of those he commands.

President-elect Trump continues to surround himself with the best and the brightest. He knows the value of placing strong, experienced leaders in command positions. Trump and his generals will certainly be a force to reckon with. America’s enemies are being placed on notice — there’s a new sheriff in town.

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