What Any Person Criticizing Ivanka Ought To Know About Her Actions… Spread This


Slate’s question, “She is gracious, capable, and not crazy. What is she doing helping her father?” was a soft criticism of Ivanka Trump, Donald’s daughter. 

Everyone thinks they know who Ivanka Trump “really” is. 

While she shies from the limelight at times, Ivanka is perhaps best known for her work on her father’s show, Celebrity Apprentice. The show highlighted B-celebrities like Tom Green, Dennis Rodman, and Andrew “Dice” Clay.

With these types of controversial celebrities screaming at one another or arguing on camera, Ivanka often stepped in, to check on a team. She often found herself mediating a star battle between people like Lou Ferrigno and Lisa Lampanelli.

So what gave this beautiful young woman her confidence and courage?

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