HUGE: The Top 5 Donald Trump Tweets Of The Week

Trump Tweets of the Week
President Trump is very fond of using Twitter to communicate with the American people. | Photo credit Keoland

During the 2016 presidential election, then-candidate Trump promised to tell American voters the truth. Every day, the president continues to make good on his word. But, considering how many tweets the president sends out every day, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why were are bringing you “Trump Tweets of the Week” every Friday.

To kick off the first edition, we are sharing President Trump’s most important (or hysterically funny) tweets from the past week. Here are first top five “Trump Tweets of the Week” for January 19, 2018.

It all starts with a new nickname.

“Dicky” Durbin

Screenshot via Twitter

Last week, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin told liberal media outlets that President Trump referred to several predominantly African countries as “s**tholes.” The remarks allegedly came during a bipartisan meeting on immigration reform.

Durbin’s accusations subsequently landed him in the Trump “nickname club.” He joins “Sneaky” Dianne Feinstein, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, and “Sloppy” Steve Bannon.

Fake News

Trump Tweets of the Week
Screenshot via Twitter

Hardly a day goes by when the president doesn’t take on the biased mainstream media. Although, it’s hard to argue with his “fake news” attacks. Outlets like CNN have been caught faking it several times.

And, a new report came out this week proving MSM’s coverage of Trump is 90% negative Of course, he had no problem calling attention to that news on Twitter, which makes the game a little more “fair and balanced.”


Despite being called a racist, President Trump proclaimed January 15 as Martin Luther King Jr. Day. With members of Dr. King’s family by his side, the president honored the life and legacy of the civil rights icon.

Not bad for a man that progressives deem a white supremacist and Nazi sympathizer. Guess they missed Dr. King’s speech on love and tolerance.

DACA Debacle

Screenshot via Twitter

Not surprisingly, Democrats are making protecting illegal immigrants a priority in the federal budget. As you can imagine, they’re threatening to shut down the government unless they get a deal on DACA and that didn’t sit well with Trump.

Refusing to be held over a barrel, the president made sure to let everyone know who the Democrats are hurting with their leftist shenanigans.


Screenshot via Twitter

The final, and perhaps most significant, tweet from President Trump was short and sweet. Putting the needs of Americans before those of other countries was an afterthought to many of his predecessors.

However, if nothing else, the virtually infamous Trump tweets prove that his priorities are in the right place.

Tell us your favorite Trump tweet in the comments and check back to see if it’s featured in our next edition of “Trump Tweets of the Week” on January 26th.