Didn’t Make The Cut? Here’s Why Giuliani, Christie and Palin Aren’t In The Cabinet

Trump loyalists
Sarah Palin has been under consideration for Energy and Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary. Photo credit: Business Insider

When Donald J. Trump surprised America by winning the election last November, people were quick to jump to the next order of business. The Trump Cabinet quickly became the subject of gossip and wild speculation.

  • Will he be choosing his most loyal allies?
  • Would all the people in the Trump Cabinet agree with everything that he stands for?
  • Or would he again, surprise us all?

In the past few weeks, his picks have equally surprised both the Republicans and Democrats. All around the world, people are buzzing about his choices. Some of his top allies were not chosen, but Trump is wise enough to know he needs to make smarter decisions.

However, some still question, “Is there bad blood between Trump and old friends after the elections?” The answers might surprise you…

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